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Poster: vapors Date: Sep 10, 2009 12:19pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: RealPlayer will not download shows

Jody – hello, notice this is your first post to our forum – welcome. I’m gonna give you my two cents worth and if I’m making any erroneous assumptions, ie. you already know what I’m saying, please take no offense.

$.01 The most important thing to realize is that The Archive is gift to us all - from those who made the music, those that maintain the site and the true warriors who stayed in one place during the shows while the rest of us freely danced. The GD powers at be made the decision to maintain the rights on any recording that includes a soundboard source, but so far have kindly still let us download audience sources. We are also able to utilize the Archives’ flash player to listen to soundboards that haven’t been commercially released.

I have never posted a review and only recently joined in with this gang of misfits on the GD forum, but let me say this: if you come here perhaps as a result of reading a long winded “review” (maybe a couple of times on the same page) that promotes this Real Player activity, I would softly suggest skipping over those (there are painfully MANY and under different names too.) Those who truly appreciate the archive will treat this treasure (and those who reside/visit here) with the respect the music deserves. The Dead don’t want us to download soundboards – so it is foolish to talk about doing so here.

$.02 As the kind folk here are telling you, shows are available for trading through bit torrent sites. I am not savvy with this myself but have benefited from a friend who does (his interests are not the GD unfortunately.) There is much debate regarding lossless/lossy. It is the times we live in, mp3 players, digital transfer of music over the internet, collectors, casual listeners….

To sum up - when you stream music online it comes in a lossy mp3 format, “tapping” this stream (personally I wouldn’t call it downloading) is something best not discussed here.

Happy listening and long live the music of the Grateful Dead! vapors

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